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Hardship fund & food vouchers

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For those that have been following Umbrella Lane you may remember that in 2020 we ran an Emergency Fund in order to support Sex Workers that were left facing destitution due to the COVID19 lockdowns.

This year, thanks to a generous donation, we’re able to once again set up a fund to support Sex Workers financially. However it will be different from the original Emergency Fund.


Umbrella Lane has received a generous donation from from Vivastreet to contribute to our ongoing fundraiser to support Sex Workers facing hardship as a result of the pandemic. Thanks to this funding we will be launching a Hardship Fund. This will be similar to our Emergency Fund but on a slightly smaller scale. This section will tell you everything you need to know to access the Umbrella Lane 2021 Hardship Fund.



  • You must be verified as a Sex Worker with Umbrella Lane.

  • You must be a Sex Worker living in Scotland as your primary address.

  • Sex Workers should have been active in the sex work industry within the last 12 months.

  • Although Umbrella Lane will not ask for any evidence of financial hardship we ask that all applicants think carefully about applying as we have limited funding.


First of all you need to be verified as a Sex Worker. If you are not yet verified please complete this form or contact for support in getting verified.

Please note that you can only request a payment once per month and you will only receive a payment once per month.

The Hardship Fund will be available to all Scotland-based Verified Sex Workers and payments will be sent out once per week (this may change depending on staff resources). You are only able to request and receive a payment ONCE per month.

The aim will be to send out payments each Friday. In order to receive your payment on Friday, you must have made your request and been contacted for your payment details by 3pm on Wednesday. You should then receive the payment by Friday or the following Monday at the latest.

Sex Workers who are already Verified Workers at Umbrella Lane can request a payment by contacting with the details they were verified with and confirming they wish to get a payment from the Hardship Fund.


Verified workers can request ONE payment per calendar month.

The first requested payment will be £100. Every requested payment after will be £50. You must make a new request each month that you wish to receive a payment.

Scotland-based Sex Workers will also be directed to claim a £25 food voucher for Asda or Tesco if they are in need of  further financial aid. They will also be directed to connect with our Community Support Officer in order to access any other relevant services.

Once a payment request is made an Umbrella Lane staff member will contact the Worker directly to obtain their payment details. The payment details will be kept confidential and deleted once the recipient has confirmed that they have received the payment.

The Hardship Fund will continue to run for approximately three months or until the funds run out.



If you would like to donate to Umbrella Lane in order to support the Hardship Fund please see our fundraising page.


If you are an organisation looking to make a donation please contact to speak to a staff member directly.

Food vouchers scheme

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Umbrella Lane is excited to announce that - thanks to a generous donation from National Ugly Mugs - we are now able to proved £25 food vouchers (for Asda or Tesco) to Sex Workers in Scotland that are facing financial hardship.

To claim a voucher please contact our Community Support Officer - Jake Jones - either by email:  or by phone: 07493676932

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