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We are dedicated to delivering bespoke, mutually beneficial and educational partnerships. For organisations who wish to learn about how lived experience can promote a stigma-free society for the greater wellbeing of Sex Workers, this page is for you.


We want to partner with you

If you’re an orgnisation who shares our (com)passion for providing supportive, stigma-free services for sex workers in Scotland and beyond;

And if you want to learn about how the greater fulfilment of sex workers can achieve our mission to remove stigma from the sex work industry;

Especially if you want to become part of an inclusive service to our community by building supportive referral pathways.

Sound like you? Contact us if you wish to join our partners listed below.

Consultancy & Partnerships


Our enthusiastic Umbrella Lane Sex Worker spokespeople are trained in public speaking, so we can tailor to the specific needs of our partners. With years of experience, collaborative work and training, our message has been refined for greater impact, and all of our partners have reported a 100% "very satisfied" rating.


Previous speaking partnerships have included Edinburgh University Students Association, Clackmannanshire Council and the University of Glasgow. We deliver speaking opportunities for a variety of group sizes and audiences, and are happy to offer negotiable pricing.

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What else we offer



We have a community-led, grassroots background with academic qualifications across our teams at Umbrella Lane. We understand that every organisation is different, so this provides a unique foundation for providing bespoke consultancy to local and national services. At the heart of our partnerships, our experienced consultancy team work hard to ensure the voice of Sex Workers remain at the forefront of all our work.


All our services are designed for flexibility, allowing for your challenges and specific needs to meet your budget and timescales.  We reinvest all income from our training into our charitable services, supporting the health and wellbeing of Sex Workers.

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Our experienced consultancy team at Umbrella Lane organise workshops which create a safe and honest space to discuss all things sex work, examine stereotypes and create deeper understandings. These workshops ensure the workplace is an open environment for people who have lived experience.


Upcoming events

Whether you’re looking for a fun social event or an informative workshop, we host a wide range of events for the supportive Umbrella Lane Community. Events are a chance to spark positive conversation, create deeper connections with other members and explore opportunities to learn new practical and creative skills. We host at our Glasgow community space as well as online events, which welcome Sex Workers from across the globe!


See below for our upcoming events.

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Coming soon

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