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If you crave more self-love and connection, then we have plenty of community-based events to fill your diary with.

For events that are Sex Worker only, we respect this safe space for you by inviting Umbrella Lane-Verified workers only. To open up our positive conversation to the wider community and ensure deeper connections, other events are open to allies, families and friends of our Sex Worker community.


Past events

Check out all of our past events here!

Looking to access Sex Worker only resources from past events? Email

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Community Costume Swap

A special drop-in to celebrate Halloween!

Bring along the clothes you don't wear to exchange for some new pre-loved outfits. 


This workshop was really amazing, I was so impressed. Not only by the speaker who I already follow and know that their content is great but also by the moderation from Umbrella Lane - I thought you handled the questions so well, I also thought the chat was really well controlled - it wasn't being flooded with stuff constantly so this was really great. Thanks also for explaining the rules/structure at the beginning I think that was really great.

Feedback from a workshop attendee

“I attended the “Basic Impact & Breath Play Techniques” workshop by Marla Stewart. It was amazing, it gave me an insight into the wonderful world of tie and tease. I loved the competition to win a copy of Marla's book. The workshop gave me amazing ideas and information that I didn't know and I am keen to progress more with this topic”

Community Member

Girl with Leather Backpack

"Loved the creative session 'The Art of Winging it' from JacqTheStripper. I had no idea when attending the online workshop I would learn about Thirst Traps and how to create my own SASSY art piece. Jacq was so lovely and encouraged us to see our best self. Thank you Umbrella Lane.”

Community Member

Happy Couple

 "BDSM is not my usual kinda thing but I am curious and open minded. BlakSyn's workshop in 'Professional BDSM for beginners' was a great insight to understanding BDSM and what is appropriate in becoming a better KINKSTER as well as being aware of you and others mental health. So many golden nuggets of value. Thank you Umbrella Lane.”

Community Member

Fashion Portrait
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