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February 2020 Blog Contest

The theme for this month’s blog contest was “Sex Work & Relationships”, the winning blog was chosen by community members and written by Jazz. This is her blog submission.


A relationship with myself and sex work.

Over the past year, I have been in a dedicated relationship with myself. My plan was to work on myself and my career and I did just that! - firstly I am so incredibly grateful to have taken this time for myself, it has made me realise how important certain things are in life and I’m the most financially mature I have ever been.

Don’t get me wrong, it’s been rocky but the highs definitely out way the lows.

Through SW I have explored my own body in ways I would've never imagined, with so much still out there waiting for me to find out about.

I have met the most extravagant & self-empowered people, beautiful humans of all kinds, it has taught me to accept anyone for whoever they are! It is important to know that we are all our own person, our own creator and we can’t compare ourselves to each other. Each and every one of us is individual & amazing for it.

It has taught me to love myself, that I’m strong, accepted & able to function in a job something I’d had real trouble with before. To have people pay to see me online has been a game-changer for me and everyone in it! - Thank you.


Each month Umbrella Lane posts a new blog topic for Sex Worker’s to be inspired by. Be sure to check back on our “Conversations” section each month to find out the new topic and to read the winning submission!

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