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Whether an individual or an organisation, if you care about the work that we do there are many ways you can support us.


Ways we support Sex Workers

Since 2015, Umbrella Lane has grown from a small group of volunteers to a whole network of peer support members with lived experience and supportive allies. We have provided a vital community building effort in Scotland, from being a place to seek sexual health services and advice, to creating a safe place to talk openly amongst our compassionate community on a range of topics. In working closely with our lived-experience members, we understand what’s important to you. From this we have established anonymous reporting schemes for Sex Workers so that you can report violence or exploitation without the fear of repercussion.

Whether or not you choose to attend events or services is completely personal to you; as with everything we do, we come from a non-judgemental place and place no pressure on how much of our support you choose to use.


We are excited to continue expanding our community network, which currently scales over 500 Sex Workers across Scotland. As we grow, we get closer to our shared vision of enabling all Sex Workers access to non-judgemental support, community and services. 


Support for friends and family of Sex Workers

We know that what matters most for the happiness and wellbeing of Sex Workers is support, and that doesn’t stop with support from us. We offer a range of monthly events, phone chats and tailored support for the friends and family of Sex Workers as well. This is to enable a stronger support network for you as an individual in your home life, as well as with us.

In our monthly events, we talk about issues such as those faced when coming out, ensuring that a supportive and compassionate response is always encouraged. We touch on issues often concerning of families and friends, such as safety and exploitation. With our lived experience team and members, perspective is shared in an informed way on what sex work is like in Scotland. In offering this support, our aim is to help them to help you by sharing how friends and families can support de-stigmatisation for your greater happiness and wellbeing.

We are able to offer tailored support to friends and families who need it, with phone chats for general help and advice, and to point people in the direction of useful resources.





Resources & research

It is important that we are constantly in touch with how best to support our community, and that means keeping up with new research as well as checking in with lived experience members to see how we can further our services.

Date of publishing

COVID-19 Resources
For Sex Workers
In Scotland


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COVID-19 and Sex
Worker’s Guidelines for
a Collaborative Response


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COVID-19 Sex Work


How to join our community

Join the Umbrella Lane community as a Sex Worker member, or keep in touch as an ally, individual or organisation.


Ways you can support us

Sponsor us

For just £1 a month, you can become a patron of Umbrella Lane, meaning that you’ll be helping to raise money to directly fund our Text Update Service, reaching out to sex workers across the UK! If that wasn’t enough, becoming a patron gives you access to regular updates from Umbrella Lane, and participation in content polls and special Q&A sessions with staff and community members.

Make a donation

If you would like to make a donation, we have a JustGiving page where any money kindly donated contributes to volunteer expenses and our sex worker hardship fund. This fund helps sex workers in times of need, often due to periods of poor mental health where people are unable to work or need to move home due to domestic abuse or estrangement. Please help us to keep our services running for the wellbeing of sex workers by donating.

Volunteer with us

We are expanding our opportunities for volunteering, including resource building, support for our event marketing and fundraising. If you feel as passionate as we do about supporting the happiness and wellbeing of sex workers to achieve de-stigmatisation, please get in touch.







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