Windrush Day Event 2021

Umbrella Lane's Consultation On Migrant Outreach and Inclusive Service


A Windrush Day Event


Umbrella Lane cordially invites you to participate in an upcoming consultation on Migrant Outreach. To mark Windrush Day on


June 22nd 2021


Umbrella Lane wishes to acknowledge our limitations in reaching out to migrants and ensuring equitable access to our services.


We can do better but we need your help.


The event will consist of a series of activities aimed at allowing us to plan effective outreach to Migrant Workers in Scotland drawing on the experience of individuals, organisations and Migrant Workers themselves. The final result of the event will be a shared document collaboratively created that can be used by all participants. This document will form the basis of Umbrella Lane's plan to increase our inclusivity in the future.


If you think you have relevant experience in outreach to migrants, Sex Workers or otherwise, or are a Migrant Worker yourself please contact


for more information or to register your interest in contributing.


At Umbrella Lane we feel it is important to address our limitations with the goal of doing better in the future. Your help is invaluable to this process.


Event Details:

Date: June 22nd  Time: 17:00

Location: A Zoom call that will allow for smaller groups facilitated by Umbrella Lane staff and volunteers