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Removing the stigma of
sex work for greater happiness and wellbeing


We are delighted to announce that National Ugly Mugs (NUM) will be launching a new project to foster sex worker wellbeing and community development and provide a safe space for sex workers.

NUM will work closely with the sex worker community in Scotland to choose the name for this project and to design and deliver this exciting initiative and there will be a launch party in the new year.

This new project will build upon the community spirit and good work previously undertaken by the Umbrella Lane project. Watch this space for future announcements.

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Your happiness matters, but the tools to support it are made inaccessible to Sex Workers globally. That’s where we step in – we built our Umbrella Lane community so that Sex Workers across Scotland could cultivate deeper connections and start compassionate conversations for greater fulfilment and wellbeing. We are here for you, not the industry. We provide a space for you to make friends, where you can find access to financial advice, emotional support, helpful tools and information and, of course, health checks. Behind the scenes our lived experience team works to make all of this possible, to support you and ultimately achieve our mission of removing the stigma of sex work. Check out our Community page to find out ways we can support you and learn about our upcoming events.


"Stigma is one of the greatest barriers between Sex Workers and their access to care and support."

Scorgie et al., 2013


Here for you

We celebrate individuals of all genders, including non-binary and gender non-conforming, all sexualities and backgrounds. Our community is a safe space, inclusive of all Sex Workers in Scotland, regardless of residency status. As we grow our lived-experience community we ensure that members are heard, accepted and understood. 

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Adult entertainment workers - Umbrella Lane

Street-based Workers and

independent/agency Workers

Online domination services and online adult content Creators/Workers

Performers and BDSM/Fetish Sex Workers

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“Being a part of the Umbrella Lane community means a lot to me. You can end up very isolated when you choose to do these roles but thankfully Umbrella Lane shows you that there’s people like you there, people there who love you and value you and see you for the person that you are and they don’t want to stigmatise you because of your job.”

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“Umbrella Lane has been a fantastic support, they’re always helpful, friendly, inclusive and respectful.”

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“Being a male Sex Worker can be quite a solitary experience. Generally speaking, there’s less male-identifying Sex Workers than female-identifying, so it can be difficult to feel included in the community sometimes. Umbrella Lane facilitates a sense of community for all Sex Workers, irrespective of gender identity, and we need Umbrella Lane and places like it to foster meaningful connections in our community.”


What we offer

If you need wellbeing resources, a chat with other community members or financial support, our services are led and informed by Sex Workers so that what we offer remains in line with your needs. All services and partnered specialists are met with the commitment to be trained by our Sex Worker volunteers so that our connections are always supportive.


Community drop-in

Community drop-in


Social Events

Social events


Financial Advice

Financial advice


Workshops & Webinars

Workshops & webinars


Sexual Health Supplies & Check-ups

Sexual health supplies & check-ups


Peer to peer support

Peer to peer support


Counselling & therapeutic services

Counselling & therapeutic services

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Confidential helpline.png

Confidential helpline

Confidential helpline


With thanks to our funders

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Artboard 1-100.jpg


New Blog


Disability Pride Month

Read our new blog on Disability Pride Month on our conversations page. Written by Red Hamilton Russell a consultant of Umbrella Lane.

LGBT+ History Month

Umbrella Lane has received funding from The Equality Network to run an online LGBT+ History Month event! Find out more on our Events page.

Launching A New Hardship Fund in 2021

Due to the ongoing lockdown and restrictions around COVID19, Umbrella Lane is starting a new Hardship Fund. For more information please see the 2021 Hardship Fund page under the Resources page.




COVID-19 Resources

Umbrella Lane has put together a small collection of COVID-19 related resources for Sex Workers and those that work with Sex Workers to access.

Food Vouchers For Sex Workers Experiencing Hardship

Thanks to a generous donation from National Ugly Mugs, Umbrella Lane is able to offer a £25 food voucher to Scotland based Sex Workers in need.

2021 Hardship Fund

As of February 2021, Umbrella Lane has launched a new Hardship Fund to provide financial support to Sex Worker in Scotland that are struggling due to COVID19. 



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